We would like to introduce you to you, Daniel. Daniel was referred from The Quantum House in West Palm Beach – here’s his story–

Our son Daniel, 10years old, is currently a resident of Quantum House in West Palm Beach, while he is undergoing complex orthopedic surgeries on his legs, at St. Mary’s Hospital.

At the age of 13 months, Daniel suffered a systemic infection that nearly killed him. Although he survived the infection, it left him with substantial orthopedic damage. He lost all of his fingers in his left palm, most of his fingers in his right palm, and most of his toes, and his legs and arm have not been growing properly.

Daniel has undergone 9 surgeries in his life so far and is expecting many more in the future. Although he has known so much pain and suffering, Daniel is an amazingly resilient, cheerful, and lively boy. He plays tennis, plays the piano (with 3 functioning fingers), rides his bicycle, and enjoys everything life has to offer him. He is a constant source of pride and mental strength to us all.

One of Daniel’s lifelong dreams is to visit Disney World, as he is a HUGE Star Wars fan. 2 years ago he was finally tall enough to ride at least some of the rides, so we had planned to visit it for our annual family holiday. But then COVID struck, and our plans were canceled.

This year is likely the only chance for Daniel to visit Disney World for several years, since next year, and the one after, he will undergo prolonged orthopedic treatments to lengthen his legs, which will render him largely immobile for at least 6-7 months at a time.

Your program seems too good to be true, as it is exactly what Daniel has always hoped for. All the while we are in Florida for treatments, Daniel keeps an eye out to Orlando, wondering when he will get to visit it. This could be an amazing experience for him, and we would love your support with it.

Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing for families like us, and kids like Daniel!

God bless