Zharova Family

My son was born with a congenital femoral deficiency type 3B, meaning that his right femur was extremely short. We tried to see multiple doctors in our country, Russia, but we’ve learned that our son’s condition is so rare that doctors in our country don’t even know how to address it or if there is anything possible to do to help him. So, our search brought us to Dr Paley’s website where we’ve read so much information about different orthopedic congenital conditions that with no shadow of a doubt we contacted him, and we decided to go for a live consultation with Dr Paley in Warsaw.

Though the time was difficult due to the pandemic and so many restrictions, we made it to Warsaw, where we had a difficult talk with Dr. Paley, as the outcome we were hoping for wasn’t exactly the one that our son was going to face. We were nurturing the idea of multiple lengthening, but our best choice was and still is rotationplasty. Dr Paley was very sincere with us when talking about the odds of different treatments, that we are thankful for. So a couple of years later, followed by years of struggling to raise the money to pay for our surgery, we are finally here in West Palm Beach. And 3 months ago, my son had rotationplasty done, which was quite a rough period. But now he is getting better and better and most importantly stronger and stronger day by day. So now we are getting ready to go to Orlando for our prosthetic fitting. And we literally can’t wait, as his possibilities are going to be a lot wider than now.

Of course, the burden of this choice is totally on us as parents, but I truly hope that our son will understand and most importantly agree to the hard decision we had to make in his sake.

– Elizaveta Zharova

Ruth, I wanted to thank you again for my kids and me. We enjoyed our Disney experience! It was truly magical. We enjoyed every bit of Magic Kingdom. We were there the whole day and still, it wasn’t enough I never expected Disney to be so huge and so entertaining. Every ride we took left us speechless. Oh, and the fireworks! OMG! They were marvelous! And of course, my kids tremendously enjoyed meeting princesses. They were gorgeous. This day will be in our hearts forever. Thank you all for such magical memories you gave us!

The Family during their trip and Feedback.